Friday, May 29, 2009

"Canvas-Mosaic" - 1

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Michael Jordan back in the heyday of the Chicago Bulls

A Maasai warrior/pastoralist. "Westerners" are particularly fascinated by them, to the point where they are used to stereotype Africa in 'western' pop culture.

A rare sight perhaps; those who have had the opportunity to play chess with a chimp will probably appreciate this work.

The lion remains one of the main wildlife attractions of the African continent. The theme of this art apparently speaks to the capacity of "blending in". The ability to blend in with its surrounding, when approaching a prey, gives the lion an advantage. You can't go wrong, if you can blend in....well, the chances of benefiting from this ability is high.

Mountainous and high terrain landscapes can make ideal subjects of artwork scenery all on their own, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to props in their as one of the main focuses of the scene. A truck next to rugged terrain are compatible to make a statement!

Hard to ignore elements of pop-culture, as we are routinely immersed in it, like it or not. Having enjoyed re-runs of the old Mary Tyler Show of the 70s, I've been inspired to produce this rendering of the show's main star, Mary Tyler Moore.