Saturday, December 15, 2012

Now onto new material...

Not an artist by trade; just do it, primarily because I love it, but...the following was intended to serve as a quick guide into the artist's (i.e. myself) artistic-potential for the benefit of a would-be customer, who wanted to get a feel for what she is getting herself into before "closing the deal", so to speak. That's fine, since just about everyone wants quality work in return for their money. Click on the image for higher resolution.

Others to follow soon. In the meantime, if not seen yet, then here are links to previous postings:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tweaking and Resolution improvement

Art that underwent some rework, and rescanning, so as to bring out the details of the artwork better. Compare with earlier postings in "Canvas-Mosaic" - 4 (click)! For higher resolution, click on all images!

Image caption: From left to right  [and possibly bottom, depending on devise being used to view this page], featuring "two sides of personality", the "Sinister Side", and then the "Considerate Side" respectively.
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