Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Canvas-Mosaic" - 8: Motoring 1

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Road/Highway workhorses...

Sleeper cab spec.

Highway truck-tractor; sleeper 'cab-over' cabin - extended cab, spec 1.

Highway truck-tractor  (extended cab) - spec 2.

Highway truck-tractor - standard sleeper cab.

Rugged rigid cargo hauler - with sleeper cabin and high ground clearance.

Construction workhorses...

Day cab rock loader.

Quarry work-horse rigid with day 'cab-over' cabin.

Conventional passenger vehicles...

Coupe concept

Other variants of the "coupe concept"

A saloon concept; front and rear views

Another saloon concept: regular view and the wire-frame rendition.

A saloon concept: Front and rear views

A simple hatchback concept, in sketch and wire-frame views

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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Canvas-Mosaic" - 7: Rough Sketches

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Doodle featuring a Disney character

Simple sketch of a news anchor

Portraiture rendition

Doodle featuring another Disney character

Doodle featuring Sponge Bob

Doodle featuring a caricature of a cow, obviously inspired by Ancient Egyptian themes

Doodle featuring a personally-conceived character back in the late 80s

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Canvas-Mosaic" - 6: Scrapbook Sketches and Doodles from the late 80s...

 Some personal "oldies" collection: Click on the images for hi resolution


Sketch from the late 80s, featuring the "king" of  Spaghetti Westerns in America.


Early 90s doodle featuring a Simpsons rendition.

Doodle featuring characters from the old Canadian cartoon show, "Denver the Last Dinosaur".

Doodles of some unidentified characters...need a little bit of mind-jogging here.

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Canvas-Mosaic" - 5

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More Sketches...
Anyone ever thought of a super-hero propelled by boosters? Most likely not practical, but in cartoon and fiction anything goes.

Cro-Magnon caricature with a face loosely basing on artistic rendering by research concern.

Another Cro-Magnon caricature. A variation of the one above.

Personally conceived character, inspired by Japanese anime.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Canvas-Mosaic" - 4

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"Two personalities" of humanity: Painting taking shape in the image on the left. The finished product is featured in the right image.

Top view of the artwork

The image on the left features the "sinister" side, and the one on the right, features the "considerate" side.
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"Canvas-Mosaic" - 3

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Brain storming Rough Sketches...

A preliminary rendering of the theme of "two personalities", posted in another entry; see: "Canvas-Mosaic" - 4 .

It's a common misconception that the dinosaurs went extinct; a branch of dinosaurs gave way to the birds we see today, for instance.

Theme featuring an elderly lady having a peaceful tea-time.

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