Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Canvas-Mosaic" - 8: Motoring 1

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Road/Highway workhorses...

Sleeper cab spec.

Highway truck-tractor; sleeper 'cab-over' cabin - extended cab, spec 1.

Highway truck-tractor  (extended cab) - spec 2.

Highway truck-tractor - standard sleeper cab.

Rugged rigid cargo hauler - with sleeper cabin and high ground clearance.

Construction workhorses...

Day cab rock loader.

Quarry work-horse rigid with day 'cab-over' cabin.

Conventional passenger vehicles...

Coupe concept

Other variants of the "coupe concept"

A saloon concept; front and rear views

Another saloon concept: regular view and the wire-frame rendition.

A saloon concept: Front and rear views

A simple hatchback concept, in sketch and wire-frame views

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