Saturday, July 7, 2012

Political Artwork

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Capitalism may have been a relatively progressive outgrowth of the dismantling of feudalism in some parts of the world, and would have been effective as a stop-gap or transitional social development. However, it has remained longer than it needed to, and this state of affairs, is hence now approaching its logical conclusion, with the progressive degeneration of Capitalism as a viable economy. Fundamental transformations of societies from the nation-state, another outmoded social concept, and a break-away from a capitalist dominated economic apparatus would have to take place, if humanity is to sustain an enduring lifespan as a species.

As noted above in a passing, the concept of a nation is state has also outlived its usefulness. The prospect of peace and enduring human cooperation world over is incompatible with inherently antagonistic and rivaling nation states.

The Simpsons is no stranger to political statements. It has been used as an entertaining vehicle every now and then to to make political statements by the producers and/or writers of the show. Making political statements through satire has proven to be one effective way of reaching even those who otherwise refuse give a listen and/or even get politically involved in their active life or what not, for the social welfare of the greater community.

Job issues: If you are not at the very top of the company hierarchy, then never assume that you are indispensable!

"Uncle Sam" and his ilk elsewhere have held onto power for far too long; the time to handover the baton of power to the wage-workforce is past due.

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